Present Challenges Faced By Engineering Students

engineering-studentBefore recession had hit famous companies and IT firms used to come in different colleges for campus hiring and they used to hire the engineering students in batches. But global recession has a very negative effect on these IT companies and present scenario demands that students have to go through a lot struggle for finding a suitable job as per their expectation and qualification. They cannot simply rely on the placement of the college especially the non-IT students of civil or mechanical or other faculties. Such students get attached with a few civil consultants in Chennai in order to take up a career in civil engineering and other related areas. A glance at the website can reveal more facts on this subject.

Need of global excellence

Moreover, the worth of technical education in India is also declining due to mushroom growth of Engineering and management colleges in India. The world in the current scenario is moving amazingly fast and fiercely competitive in all aspects of human activity. There has been phenomenal growth of institutions in the private sector. It is unfortunate to see that the quality of education started eroding and degrading. The urgent need of the hour is to strive vigorously for global excellence. The numbers of jobs are less and the numbers of applicants are huge and hence demand and supply is not matching.

Degree is only a visa

In the current scenario, it is important to learn practical things along with a good score. The degree is just an entrance and gate pass for sitting in an interview. Ultimately the interviewer is going to judge the basic conceptual knowledge and also the basics that the students learn during their internship. The internships are very important for BE-BTECH-MCA students because they are introduced to the corporate culture and environment for the very first time. Each and every student should have a sound conceptual and basic knowledge on their respective domain because interviewer can ask a question from anywhere.

female-engineering-studentsBut this is not the solution to the problem. In fact, all the issues discussed creates a challenge for the budding engineers. But nobody can’t really deny that provided the students follow the right track and direction while pursuing their BTECH, lots of opportunities are there in the near future. The exponential advantages in Knowledge, communication, computational capabilities will create mind-boggling possibilities.

Need of soft skills besides knowledge

So the issues and matters that address special attention are that students should go for brushing their technical skills, internships, training programs, hands-on experience in working on Live Industrial Projects. For a developing nation in India, power, infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, biotechnology opens up huge scopes, advantages and opportunities in the near future. Students should do a good introspection about their career.

Professional certifications, training always give them a competitive edge over others. They should analyze what compliments their talents and which area of engineering attracts them most and then they should go accordingly for that.Current students have to make an appreciable amount of effort to sharpen and enrich their technical skills and expertise from reputed training companies.

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